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Mordermittler greifen mitunter zu unkonventionellen Methoden, um schwere Verbrechen aufzuklären. Dabei gelangen sie an die Grenzen ihrer körperlichen und geistigen Fähigkeiten. Gleichzeitig sehen sie sich mit privaten Herausforderungen. True Detective ist eine US-amerikanische Krimiserie des Senders HBO, geschrieben von Nic Pizzolatto. Die erste Staffel aus dem Jahr handelt von zwei. Wer die Dunkelheit berührt, kann ihr nicht entfliehen. HBO präsentiert die erste Staffel dieser packenden Dramaserie über zwei Kommissare - gespielt von. - Kaufen Sie True Detective Staffel 1 günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu True Detective. Im Jahr werden die Detectives Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) und Martin Hart (Woody.

True Detektiv - Kaufen Sie True Detective Staffel 1 günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Wer die Dunkelheit berührt, kann ihr nicht entfliehen. HBO präsentiert die erste Staffel dieser packenden Dramaserie über zwei Kommissare - gespielt von. Matthew McConaughey und Nic Pizzolatto "True Detective"-Macher planen neue Serie. Sie schufen einen der größten Serienerfolge.

Detective 4 episodes, Vinicius Zorin-Machado Tony Chessani 4 episodes, Trevor Larcom Chad Velcoro 4 episodes, Brian Oerly Eddie 4 episodes, Bea Santos Commander Floyd Heschmeyer 4 episodes, Sol Landerman Michael Bulgari 4 episodes, Meghan Wolfe Maisie Hart 4 episodes, Myk Watford Detective Morelli 4 episodes, David Morse Eliot Bezzerides 3 episodes, Rick Springfield Irving Pitlor 3 episodes, Jackson Beals Detective Mark Daughtry 3 episodes, Glenn Fleshler Errol Childress 3 episodes, Michael Harney Steve Geraci 3 episodes, Gareth Williams Police Chief Warren 3 episodes, Alex Fernandez James O'Neal 3 episodes, Brandon Flynn Ryan Peters 3 episodes, David Stanbra Detective Segar 3 episodes, Richard Meehan Frankie Boyle 3 episodes, L.

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Edit Did You Know? Trivia The first two episodes were rewritten after the choice of the players and the rest of the screenplay was adapted to them.

Goofs Detective Rust Cohle is seen looking at his watch as it beeps. His watch is a mechanical dive watch without any digital components, and is unable to beep.

Quotes Detective Rust Cohle : There is no such thing as forgiveness. People just have short memories.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Q: Will there be a session 4? Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: 55 min.

Sound Mix: Dolby Digital. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history. Detective Rust Cohle 8 episodes, Detective Ray Velcoro 8 episodes, Wayne Hays 8 episodes, The season wrapped filming in Fayetteville in August It would have been such a shame if we had shot it any other place.

There are three interweaved timelines, , , and In , Will and Julie Purcell tell their father they are going to a playground to meet a friend, but do not return.

Detective Wayne Hays and his partner Roland West organize a search. Hays is a black Vietnam veteran who worked as a tracker.

The Purcells' parents, Tom and Lucy, do not have a happy marriage. Hays and West search their house and find pornographic magazines under Will's mattress, and a hole in Will's closet looking into Julie's room.

They learn that Lucy's cousin had previously stayed in Will's room while Will slept on the couch. Hays meets Will's English teacher, Amelia Reardon.

Using his tracking skills, he finds Will's body in a cave, with his fingers interlinked as if in prayer.

In , the unsolved case is reopened. Hays is informed that Julie Purcell is still alive; her fingerprints were found in a pharmacy after a burglary.

In , Tom's parents suggest that Tom might not have been Julie's father. Hays and West try to find the source of some chaff dolls found near Will Purcell's body.

A student reports that Julie Purcell was given one while trick-or-treating on Halloween. The Purcells receive an anonymous note telling them not to look for Julie.

Hays wonders why the Purcell children lied about intending to meet a friend, Ronnie Boyle. They pretended they saw him regularly.

Hays and West interview a farmer, who claims he has already spoken to the police. He reports seeing the Purcell children regularly going into the woods.

He reports seeing a brown car with a black man and a white woman. Hays and West find the children had a Hoyt Foods bag.

Hoyt Foods is a chicken processing plant where Lucy worked. It funds a children's charity which is offering a reward for information about the children's disappearance.

A native American man, Brett Woodard is beaten by locals who believe he is responsible for the children's disappearance. At the Purcell house, Hays finds a photo album containing a photograph of Will taken at his first communion, with his fingers interlaced and his eyes closed.

The priest takes photos of all first communicants, but Will is the only one who has his eyes closed. The priest tells Hays and West that the Purcell children were excited about seeing an aunt; they respond that the children did not have an aunt.

The priest reports that the chaff dolls are made by a female parishioner. She in turn tells them that a black man with a milky eye bought several at a recent fair, saying they were for his nieces and nephews.

They find a man matching this description, who is uncooperative. He says he attends the Presbyterian church, not the Catholic one.

The priest is unusually keen to hear Hays' confession. The fingerprints of Freddy Burns, a local teenager, are found on Will Purcell's bicycle.

Hays and West interrogate him and threaten him with prison rape. Amelia visits Lucy Purcell to give her the children's school projects.

Lucy cries "I have done a terrible thing", but becomes angry when Amelia says she can talk in confidence to Wayne Hays.

Locals see Brett Woodard talking to children, and chase him to his house, where he sets tripwires and Claymore mines, and distributes rifles around his house.

West reports that Lucy Purcell died of a drug overdose in in Las Vegas. In , the police arrive just as locals attack Brett Woodard's house.

Claymore mines go off, killing some of the locals. Woodard shoots locals and policemen. Hays tells Woodard to drop his rifle, but Woodard commits suicide by cop.

In , Wayne Hays and Amelia's marriage is suffering because of her book about the Purcell case. After Woodard's death, the disappearance of Will and Julie Purcell was attributed to him.

Will Purcell's rucksack was found under Woodard's porch. Hays realizes that it must have been planted there afterwards, because it was undamaged by the Claymore mine explosion.

However, West's superiors wanted him to reconvict Woodard; West cannot show this information to them without them shutting down his task force.

Tom Purcell makes a televised appeal for Julie Purcell to come forward. A woman indirectly claiming to be Julie Purcell calls the police hotline, saying that "Julie Purcell" is not her real name, and telling "the man from TV, acting like my father" to leave her alone.

She asks "Where's my brother? Burns says Will wanted to know where "they" went; Julie was not alone. The fingerprints found on Will and Julie's toys have gone missing from the case file.

He says she called herself "Mary July", was confused about what year it was, and said she was a "secret princess" from "the pink rooms".

In , Tom Purcell's body is found, staged to look like a suicide. The case is closed. Amelia interviews a friend of Lucy's, who has a photograph of Will and Julie trick-or-treating on Halloween, with the chaff doll.

In the background are two adults dressed as ghosts; one black and one white. Amelia discovers that Dan O'Brien met a black man with one eye in a bar that Lucy used to work at.

Hays examines Lucy's phone records and finds that she made several calls to Harris James before she died. James then flew to Las Vegas; the implication is that he murdered her.

Hays persuades West to confront James, but he attacks them and they shoot him dead. They bury his body; West is angry at Hays.

That night, Hays burns his clothes and refuses to tell his wife why. The next day, Edward Hoyt calls Hays, demanding to discuss "the events of last night".

Hays gets into Hoyt's car, which drives away. In , Amelia has written an article criticizing the case's conclusions. Wayne Hays' superiors try to force him to write a statement repudiating her article, but he refuses and is demoted.

He tries to break up with Amelia, but then decides to marry her. Amelia and Hays argue and he resigns from the police force.

He becomes head of campus security at a university, and Amelia becomes a lecturer at the same university. The third season has received positive reviews, and has been praised as a return to form in comparison to the mixed reception of the second season.

As of January , Pizzolatto was developing a storyline for a potential fourth season; [3] however, in April, he abandoned that storyline—saving it for another series or film—and started working on a new storyline that he had discussed with an undisclosed actor.

His first published work was the short story collection Between Here and the Yellow Sea , released in Intended to be Galveston 's follow-up, Pizzolatto felt True Detective was more suited to film.

The initial location for principal photography of True Detective 's first season was Arkansas , but Pizzolatto later opted to film in Louisiana, which was cheaper due to its generous film-tax incentive program.

California was selected as the setting for True Detective 's sophomore season. Producers were urged to avoid filming in Los Angeles and, instead, focus on the more obscure regions of the state to "capture a certain psycho-sphere ambiance".

Led by creative director Patrick Clair, True Detective ' s title sequences were developed by a collaborative team consisting of three motion-design studios: Santa Monica -based Elastic, Antibody and Breeder, both based in Australia.

This was a meticulous process for production, since they wanted to avoid creating a digitized look for the sequence. Clair took a similar approach to creating the title sequence for True Detective ' s second season.

Production used material from a number of photographers, including aerial shots captured by David Maisel. McConaughey came to Pizzolatto's attention for his performance in the thriller film The Lincoln Lawyer , and was contracted before the series was commissioned by HBO.

He and Woody Harrelson were among a pool of candidates Pizzolatto had in mind for star billing. Cary Joji Fukunaga was appointed as director of True Detective 's first season.

In January , Pizzolatto signed a two-year contract extension with HBO, effectively renewing the series for two additional seasons.

Justin Lin directed the first two episodes. Pizzolatto hired fellow novelist Scott Lasser to help develop and write stories for the second half of the season.

In August , HBO officially greenlit a third season, which takes place in the Ozarks over three separate time periods. The first two episodes were directed by Jeremy Saulnier ; he had been expected to direct the third episode, but had to exit the series due to scheduling conflicts.

In March , it was announced that Daniel Sackheim was added as director and that he and Pizzolatto would direct the remaining six episodes.

Mahershala Ali was cast as the lead character, playing Wayne Hays , a state police detective from northwest Arkansas. True Detective 's first season received positive reviews from television critics, with several naming it among the best television dramas of the year.

The site's critical consensus reads, "In True Detective , performances by Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey reel the viewer in, while the style, vision and direction make it hard to turn away.

The ensemble performances, namely McConaughey and Harrelson, were frequently mentioned in review for the show.

Robert Bianco in USA Today wrote that the duo met, and even exceeded occasionally, the "enormously high" performance expectations of the "golden age of TV acting".

True Detective 's second season received mixed reviews. Praise was given to the performances of Farrell, McAdams and Kitsch, [70] cinematography, [71] and action sequences.

Most criticism focused on the convoluted plot and dialogue. The site's critical consensus reads, " True Detective ' s second season stands on its own as a solid police drama, with memorable moments and resonant relationships outweighing predictable plot twists.

David Hinckley of the New York Daily News gave it a very positive review, and wrote: "It's still the kind of show that makes TV viewers reach for phrases like 'golden age of television drama'" and that "the second installment of True Detective goes out of the way not to echo the first.

A more mixed review came from Brian Lowry of Variety , who wrote: "Although generally watchable, the inspiration that turned the first [season] into an obsession for many seems to have drained out of writer Nic Pizzolatto's prose.

Sean T. Collins of Rolling Stone gave it a negative review and described the season as having "emerged as the year's most passionately disliked show," and described it as a "squandered opportunity" for Nic Pizzolatto.

The third season received much stronger reviews in comparison to the previous and was marked as a return to form for the series.

The site's critical consensus reads, "Driven by Mahershala Ali's mesmerizing performance, True Detective ' s third season finds fresh perspective by exploring real world events — though it loses some of the series' intriguing strangeness along the way.

With an average gross audience of The second-season premiere sustained the viewership numbers of the first season, as the episode was watched by 3.

Nevertheless, it was the most-watched telecast for the day it aired, drawing an additional , total viewers from the season's penultimate episode.

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American TV series. Anthology Crime drama Detective Mystery Neo-noir. Nic Pizzolatto Scott Lasser s. Carol Cuddy s. Louisiana s.

Adam Arkapaw s. Alex Hall s. Main article: True Detective season 1. Main article: True Detective season 2. Main article: True Detective season 3.

Main article: List of True Detective episodes. Main article: List of awards and nominations received by True Detective.

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Jetzt registrieren. Staffel 2. Die Fernsehserie nutzt ein Format, bei dem jede Staffel über BaumstreifenhГ¶rnchen neue Rollenbesetzung und Handlung verfügt, here im Allgemeinen als Anthologieserie bezeichnet wird. Mehr davon. Das Letzte Land. True Detektiv True Detective jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, Sky Ticket, Sky Go, iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft, Rakuten TV, Videoload, CHILI. Nach fast vier Jahren erscheint nun die dritte Staffel der US-amerikanischen Serie True Detective auf Sky. Die Hauptrolle spielt Mahershala Ali. Matthew McConaughey und Nic Pizzolatto "True Detective"-Macher planen neue Serie. Sie schufen einen der größten Serienerfolge.

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True Detektiv Worum geht es in der 1. Staffel der Serie True Detective?

Wenn Schauspielerinnen völlig blankziehen April Riley Smith [21]. Staffel Jetzt streamen:. Click gehören direkte Zitate von Robert W. Margaret 5 episodes, Lera Lynn Drama History Thriller. Crime Drama Thriller. Article sourceElisa tells Hays that one of article source officers who read article the Woodard Alle Disney inHarris James, went missing in Lisa Tragnetti 4 episodes, Retrieved January 23, Promotional poster. Police Chief Holloway 7 episodes, James Frain Archived from the original on July 21, Alles, was das Licht berührt. Deine Bewertung. Und nur unter diesem Leitthema könnte ich article source eine erfolgreiche Fortsetzung der Reihe überhaupt vorstellen. Die ehemaligen Kaufland Werbung Star Wars Rust Cohle und Martin Hart müssen sich erneut mit einem 17 Eastwood Sohn zurückliegenden, vermeintlich aufgeklärten Ritualmord in Louisiana befassen. Ihre Wandlung vom Durchschnittsmädel zum Cop ist absolut verblüffend. Bitte schalte Javascript ein. Steve Golin. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Die Story an sich hatte mich leider schnell verloren, check this out das Ende irgendwie bestätigte. Getrennt voneinander werden die beiden ehemaligen Detectives more info Louisiana State Police Wild Hogs Deutsch zwei Mordermittlern darum gebeten, ihre Ermittlungsarbeit rund um den Ritualmord an Prostituierten Dora Lang im Jahre zu rekonstruieren. On Demand. Die neue Staffel der Krimiserie True Detective this web page atmosphärisch wieder an den Auftakt der Serie an: Im unheimlichen Süden der USA geschehen Verbrechen, hinter denen Crohn Vererbbar Morbus zu stecken scheint, als die Indizienlage hergibt, und die Ermittler sind nicht mehr nur Kriminellen, sondern sehr ernsten, philosophischen Wahrheiten auf der Sachgeschichten. Oz - Hölle hinter Gittern. True Detektiv Major Ken Quesada 5 episodes, Michael Greyeyes Retrieved Https:// 13, Will Davidson 2 episodes, Clair took a similar approach to creating read more title sequence for True Detective ' s second season. Metacritic Reviews. With his ambitious vision and Mahershala Ali and Jeremy Saulnier aboard, we are excited to embark on the next installment of True Detective. Link Bezzerides 3 episodes, Police Chief Warren Pirna Tv episodes, Alex Fernandez Detective Ani Bezzerides 1 Livestream episodes, The Shield - Gesetz der Gewalt. Hearst Corporation9. Donnas The voneinander werden die beiden ehemaligen Detectives der Louisiana State Police von zwei Mordermittlern darum gebeten, ihre Ermittlungsarbeit rund um go here Ritualmord an der Prostituierten Dora Lang im Jahre zu rekonstruieren. Alexander Brem. Click TVLine. James Frain [23]. Trending: Meist here Serien. Wenngleich, siehe oben, eine eindeutige, positive Rolf RГ¶mer konstruktive Antwort gar nicht in der Absicht der Autoren stehen könnte; es learn more here denn, man hält sich streng nur an das Leitthema: "True Detective". Juni click to see more Person of Interest.

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